Chinese Food…or Not?

I originally heard about this a week or so ago on NPR.
Jennifer 8. Lee (yes, her middle name is 8 – a Chinese lucky number) recently wrote a book called The Fortune Cookie Chronicles: Adventures in the World of Chinese Food which describes the varying forms of Americanized Chinese food and how much they differ not only from one another but also from authentic Chinese food.
I can vouch for that! There is certainly no General Tso’s Chicken to be found in Beijing or Shanghai!
Here’s the story…

2008 New Year's Resolutions

Here’s my top 5 list (otherwise known as the 5 NY resolutions that I’m making public)…

  1. Be more earth friendly.
  2. Learn Mandarin Chinese.
  3. Read more books.
  4. Blog more often.
  5. Run more and complete another half marathon

I wish everyone a healthy and prosperous 2008!

Happy 2008

One of my New Year’s resolutions for 2008 is to blog more often…so I’m starting on the first day of the year!

I hope everyone had a great New Year’s Eve celebration and wish you all the best in 2008. It looks to be an exciting year at the Rogan house, now that the Duke MBA program is in the past.

2007 was a good (but crazy) year and I’m looking forward to what 2008 will bring!