There’s been a lot of talk recently about HP’s abandonment of the TouchPad tablet and its openly expressed desire to spin off its larger PC business signalling the beginning of the ‘post-PC’ era, especially given its leadership position in the industry.

I firmly disagree.

Tablets are cool. But they only go so far. From a content consumption perspective, the user interface is great. But what about heavy lifting applications – content creation, graphic design, hard core analytics? The list goes on and on. This is where the role of a tablet as a complementary or extension device, not a replacement, becomes clear.

Multi-tasking, security, durability, upgradabilty…the tablet clearly is not here. How many people have abandoned their PC’s *completely* in favor of a tablet?

The PC still has a place in this new world. And it’s certainly evolving to meet the challenge. But it’s definitely not dead.

Disclaimer: I work for a PC company. This expresses only my personal view, not that of my employer.

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