I love to run. It’s hard for me to believe, but I’ve been running now for almost 20 years. From the moment I trained for my first 5K, I was hooked. Beyond the obvious benefits to physical health, running is a natural way to reduce stress, and it helps with the ability to focus and achieve goals. I’ve now completed more than 30 half-marathons and 5 full marathons (most recently Big Sur).

Beyond running, travel in all forms has excited me since I was a kid. I believe travel is one of the best teachers. We can learn so much from exploring the world and connecting to others with an open mind. There’s no replacement for first-hand experiences—we need to travel now more than ever in a time when so much is delivered to us online. I’ve traveled extensively, both personally and professionally. Just like I’m looking ahead to my next race, I’m also usually planning my next trip.

Professionally, I am currently an independent Technology, Marketing & Sales Consultant. I’m passionate about using AI for good and have an MBA from Duke University.

I currently reside in Alexandria, Virginia, with my wife, Stacia, and our tuxedo cat, Mia.