How can my passions for running, travel, and (of course) customer intelligence collide? The answer is the San Francisco Marathon!


I love to run. This year, I ran the second SF half marathon event. Last year I ran the first. So, I’ve covered all 26.2 miles – just not all at once. The San Francisco course is truly amazing, full of breathtaking scenery.


I was born to travel. San Francisco is one of my all-time favorite destinations. There’s always something new and exciting to see, the weather is cool with a mix of AM fog/PM sun, and there are plenty of friends to meet up with. Of course, a direct flight from RDU to SFO would make it even better. Wink, wink @RDUAirport 😉

Customer Intelligence

As a repeat attender (and CI professional) who hopes to make The SF Marathon an annual tradition, I captured some interesting insights about the day while monitoring social channels to help make future events even better.


  • Sierra Nevada Beer Garden (but some said it closed early)
  • Mile marker designs
  • Timely responses to Facebook posts
  • Half it all challenge medals
  • Hotel partners
  • Race shirts
  • Spectators
  • Volunteers
  • Weather
  • Location

Areas to Improve:

  • Half finishers who didn’t receive half medals
  • Delayed confirmation emails
  • Printed requirement for confirmation emails given ‘paperless’ event
  • Non-downloadable finish videos
  • Process for switching events
  • Ultralyte – gritty drink on course
  • Mobile app + updates – too infrequent

Notable comments from others (priceless):

  • Girl stuck in porta potty during first half screaming ‘let me out’
  • The devil offered me beer and I refused 🙂
  • The sign that read “you are kicking Betty White’s ass”
  • The little girl who was maybe 7 or 10 years old holding a sign that said “HTFU”

Final IG score 9/10. See you next year!!!

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