Today I had the opportunity to attend the Triangle AMA’s Marketing Analytics Training Camp in Durham, NC (RTP).  It was yet another awesome event sponsored by the Triangle AMA Chapter, who was recently recognized as one of the best in the nation!

An all-star cast of presenters, highlighted by Avinash Kaushik of Google, covered a range of analytics topics – each of which I’ll cover in more detail subsequent posts.  In a nutshell, anyone in a Marketing role trying to prove their value (and who isn’t?) and become smarter/more effective can gain tremendous value from this workshop.

From a customer intelligence perspective, each of the topics areincredibly relevant to understanding how to manage the mountains of data available from various channels (web, social, traditional media, CRM, etc.) and translate that disparate information  into actionable knowledge to be used as the basis for strategic decision making.  So, without further delay…here’s the topic line up!

Web Analytics 2.0: Rethinking decision making in a “2.0” world
By: Avinash Kaushik, Analytics Evangelist Google

Don’t Settle for Average – Testing and Optimization
By: Naoshi Yamauchi, Director, Analytics Brooks Bell interactive

Confessions of a data analyst – Lessons for the marketing professional
By: Michael Rappa, Founding Director Institute for Advanced Analytics NCSU

Connecting the dots – tying the offline and online worlds together
By: Jim Hazen, Analytics Director Capstrat

TV, Print, Radio – measuring the impact of traditional media
By: Donna Mercer, COO Howard Merrell & Partners

Understanding the impact of social media
By: Eric Boggs & Adam Covati Argyle Social

Thinking analytically – how to create meaningful measurements and dashboards
By: Dean Shaw, Web Analytics SAS Margaret Escobar, Manager,Web Analytics IBM Norm Cloutier, Director of Analytics McClatchy Interactive

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