Raleigh Named "Fast City"!

Raleigh was just named by Fast Company as a Fast City…one of “30 urban centers that are shaping our future”.

FC says:

“This region wrote the original recipe for high-tech clusters: Start with careful planning, add a warm business climate, and top with a high quality of life. But don’t forget the brains. Three big universities fuel innovation in biotech, pharma, and computer science.”

College Grads Flocking To Raleigh, Wake County

I saw this article on WRAL.com today and had to pass it along!

College Grads Flocking To Raleigh, Wake County (WRAL.com)

The article really says it all and reinforces my decision to come to the area almost 6 years ago (wow, I can’t believe it’s been that long!).

We have one of the best educated populations in the country and the changes that are occurring here every day certainly show that. I am proud to call Raleigh home!

As a side note, I have to admit it’s really ironic that my hometown (Elmira, NY) newspaper regularly posts articles with the exact opposite headline – that all college grads are leaving the area.

Perhaps Elmira should look to Raleigh as an example of what it needs to do to prevent its young people from taking part in a mass exodus. Short answer: jobs, cultural activities, diversity, and lower taxes.

RBC Announces 29-Story Raleigh Headquarters

RBC Centura made the official announcement today.

They are building a 29-story corporate headquarters at the corner of Fayetteville, Martin and Wilmington streets in downtown Raleigh.

This will be a great addition to the city when it opens in 2008!

With all the recent projects announced, over $1 billion will be pumped into downtown revitalization in the next 3 years. That is huge! Go Raleigh!

RBC Centura Selects Highwoods Properties
To Develop New Headquarters – 29-Story Mixed-Use Tower will Soar Above Downtown Raleigh

Raleigh 7th Richest City

Raleigh has been named the 7th richest city in the U.S. by Forbes magazine.

Great quote from article as to why this is the case:

“A very short answer is very smart workers,” Atkins says. The area has the largest research park in the world, Research Triangle Park, and has become a center for knowledge industries.

“Smart people can live anywhere,” Atkins says, “and they choose to live in the best places.”

Message to NCDOT

Below is the message that I sent to the NCDOT regarding the Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP). Hopefully, they get the message since neither of the division representatives responded to my direct email.


I am writing to express my opinion regarding TIP Number I-4744, which relates to the widening of I-40 in Wake County from Wade Ave. to US 1/64.

I am dismayed that the DOT has not included the construction of this critical road segment in its draft version of the TIP and hope that it will reconsider this decision, given the extreme daily congestion caused by the bottleneck in this area as well as the number of traffic accidents occurring here.

This project would have a tremendous benefit for the entire Triangle region, and should not be delayed any longer. As a motorist who commutes daily along I-40 from West Raleigh to Durham, I can say that the problems in this area have only become worse in the past several years, and ignoring this critical 3 mile segment of I-40 will be a poor decision going forward, with the area’s continued growth.

Thank you for hearing my concern as you work to finalize the TIP.