Below is the message that I sent to the NCDOT regarding the Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP). Hopefully, they get the message since neither of the division representatives responded to my direct email.


I am writing to express my opinion regarding TIP Number I-4744, which relates to the widening of I-40 in Wake County from Wade Ave. to US 1/64.

I am dismayed that the DOT has not included the construction of this critical road segment in its draft version of the TIP and hope that it will reconsider this decision, given the extreme daily congestion caused by the bottleneck in this area as well as the number of traffic accidents occurring here.

This project would have a tremendous benefit for the entire Triangle region, and should not be delayed any longer. As a motorist who commutes daily along I-40 from West Raleigh to Durham, I can say that the problems in this area have only become worse in the past several years, and ignoring this critical 3 mile segment of I-40 will be a poor decision going forward, with the area’s continued growth.

Thank you for hearing my concern as you work to finalize the TIP.

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