To ring in 2013, I’m kicking off the new year with an updated format for Intelligent Tweets. I’m going to limit each week’s highlighted tweets to only the top three, with a comment about why each made the list. I welcome your feedback on this change. Here we go!

Last week’s top three intelligent tweets:

Tweet #1:

Great looking course! I just signed up for Gamification #gamification – a free @coursera online class. Join me at …

Source: Bluewolf

Gamification is a hot topic that everyone should know more about. Everywhere you look, it’s being used to incentivize the right behaviors and the rise of social networks has accelerated its prevalence in personal and professional settings. Perhaps one of the most well-known but annoying examples is the Farmville app for Facebook. More practical examples include FitBit and Nike+ for tracking fitness progress and applications many employers have deployed to promote desired behaviors around employee activity e.g. sales and social engagement.

Tweet #2:

Why? Because Marketing is being transformed. Salesforce’s Marc Benioff Doesn’t Know Why He’s At CES … via @techcrunch

Source: Maketing Land

Marketing, as with most other functions, is undergoing a radical transformation in the social era. Facing the new realities of empowered customers is proving to be a daunting challenge for many organizations whose technology and, equally important, organizational infrastructures have not adapted quickly enough. Salesforce, more specifically its Social Marketing Cloud, can help integrate key capabilities throughout the organization to become more customer centric. This topic is so important that I dedicated an entire post to it.

Tweet #3:

Check them out, the Top 10 Bluewolf Blogs of 2012! #agile

Source: Adland Creative

My day job is at Bluewolf and I try to blog there whenever possible. There were certainly some great blogs in 2012 from my colleagues and the top 10 are highlighted in this post. Some of my personal favorites include United Airlines Fails to Land the Customer by Bluewolf CEO Eric Berridge, focused on the importance of the customer experience missed opportunities to engage, and Gamification – Why Play? by Kate Hagemann, Bluewolf’s Director of Change Management & Adoption, focused on what gamification is and several of its advantages.

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