It’s hard to believe 2013 is almost a month in! This week’s top Intelligent Tweets extend last week’s focus on the skills gap for Big Data specifically to the realm of Marketing, then look at a great explanation of the vision of Salesforce around ‘Customer Companies’ and end with an interesting article that presents the view on how Big Data will take human jobs.

Last week’s top three intelligent tweets:

Tweet #1:

Skills needed for Marketing redefined! Marketers Upping the Ante on Big Data in 2013 … via@marketingprofs #bigdata

Marketing is a profession that is being transformed by Big Data. Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all “batch and blast” direct mail and email campaigns. The empowered customer will no longer tolerate this barrage of spam. As a result, today’s modern marketers must possess the skills to leverage technology alongside Big Data to help delver a 1:1 personalized customer experience. This requires a retooling of traditional Marketing expertise and is driving many organizations to invest in high-powered analytics.

Tweet #2:

Great insights from @Salesforce – The companies of tomorrow will be ‘Customer Companies’ powered by #bigdata #cloud#m

Source: Salesforce Blog

I love well-done visuals and Salesforce has nailed it with this excellent piece put together to demonstrate the value of a fully-integrated customer-centric CRM platform. Salesforce is clearly targeting this flipbook towards an audience who may be skeptical or simply doesn’t see the value of the trends that are unfolding right before us. I can relate in that it can be a hard sell given the pace of change, but companies must wake up and realize this or risk becoming irrelevant to future generations. Salesforce is an excellent evangelist in this pro-customer movement.

Tweet #3:

Jobs – old lost, new created! Big Data and cloud computing empower smart machines to do human work, take human jobs …

This article focuses on jobs that may not be needed, or needed much less (think meeter reading) due to advances in Big Data and the Cloud. This is certainly true, but the trend is no different in technology than in other areas where advances have made jobs irrelevant that once were widespread. Also true, however, is that new jobs will be created due to these advances, and this is a natural progression.

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