Keeping with my new format for Intelligent Tweets, this week brought some great nuggets around the talent shortage for Big Data skills, privacy (always a key topic), and using Big Data to track the flu (very timely, indeed).



Last week’s top three intelligent tweets:

Tweet #1:

Talent shortage! Big data means big IT job opportunities — for the right people … #bigdata

Source: Telefonica Public Policy Blog

This is a great article focused on the shortage of qualified candidates to fill positions in the Big Data space. What, you say? Shortage? Isn’t unemployment still high? Indeed, but there are pockets of the economy where talent is sorely lacking and Big Data is one of them. Not enough people have the specific background and experience necessary to fuel Big Data initiatives and competition is fierce. Learn more about the skills needed for Big Data.

Tweet #2:

Be transparent. Designing for the Hidden Dangers in Big Data … via @mashable #bigdata

The focus of this excellent piece from Mashable is on planning ahead for Big Data. In other words, prepare now instead of landing on the front page of the New York Times or Wall Street Journal. Companies are many times ill-equipped to consider the far-reaching implications of managing Big Data. Taking the time to develop a transparent strategy early on is key to avoiding horror stories down the road.

Tweet #3:

Flu tracker! Big Data Helps Track The Flu : Discovery News … #bigdata

Source: Smart Planet

The flu season of 2012-2013 has been brutal. It seems that everyone I know either has been sick, is sick, or has someone in their personal or professional lives who is sick. How can Big Data help track the outbreak? Several interesting sites have popped up in addition to the old standby, the CDC, to incorporate social media and crowdsourced feedback to help gauge the impact.

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