Last week’s top intelligent tweets focused on:

  • Strategies for successful global Cloud deployments. This is not limited to SaaS application functionality, it also applies to managing data within as this is also a significant change for most organizations to adopt.
  • A short-sighted move by my wireless provider, who won’t allow me to upgrade my mobile phone less than 30 days before my eligibility date. This shows a failure to leverage customer data to make better decisions – given my current and past relationship with the company.
  • Coverage of’s recent quarterly earnings report. Salesforce beat most analysts revenue estimates. This is great validation for the world’s most innovative company (named by Forbes).

Excellent article from one of my Bluewolf colleagues! Going Global: Implementing the Cloud Without Borders

One month away from @VerizonWireless upgrade date…customer support says I have to wait. Would you rather I move to another carrier now?

Nice work, Salesforce!

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