Last week’s top intelligent tweets focused on:

  • The ongoing rift between Oracle and Salesforce. Can’t we all just get along? Apparently not.
  • An excellent article from FastCompany on the ‘transformation triangle’ built on business agility, sustained innovation and operational excellence .
  • Salesforce and it’s positioning towards CMO’s, again with an Oracle comparison.
  • Workday’s IPO. This is huge. Workday has tremendous potential and has long been viewed as an acquisition target.

Hopefully not true. A Ford Executive Says Oracle Sent Him A Letter Trashing via @bi_enterprise

@FastCompany   “Agility, innovation, and operational excellence form the transformation triangle”

Why Salesforce is Pivoting to CMOs and how that Plays Against Oracle – Forbes  #cloud #social

Workday Prices IPO At $28 Per Share In $637 Million Deal – Forbes #cloud


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