Last week’s top intelligent tweets focused on:

  • The prevalence of Big Data, i.e. use cases you might not think about.
  • Big Data creating an integrated, digital nervous system (Forbes).
  • Yours truly blogging for Bluewolf on 5 ways to extract value from Big Data using Radian6.
  • Salesforce once again named the World’s most innovative company (Forbes).
  • Those who should be the most involved in Big Data (marketing, customer service, e-commerce), are often the least involved (Teradata).

Big Data for Education: Data Mining, Data Analytics, and Web Dashboards  via @BrookingsInst #bigdata

Bits: Big Data in the (Heated or Cooled) Air Around You  #bigdata

Big Data is Creating A Digital Nervous System – Forbes  via @sharethis #bigdata

Thanks! RT @bluewolf: Bluewolfer @mjrogan shares 5 ways @radian6 can extract value from Big Data!  #socialmedia #bigdata

Why  Ranks #1 On Forbes Most Innovative List – Forbes  #cloud #social #bigdata

RT: @DnBUS The least involved in discussing #BigData #analytics? CMOs, customer service, ecommerce, & CFOs. @Teradata survey:


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