TGIF! Better late than never, here is last week’s roundup of Intelligent Tweets.

The common thread? Big Data continues to be a disruptive force and is creating challenges for many organizations lacking the right talent to adapt. Those who seize the tremendous opportunity Big Data allows will have a distinct competitive advantage vs those who do not, and many will be left behind.

On a related note, one of my tweets was last week was being woken by a minor earthquake in Southern California. Where did I go first? Twitter, of course! Sure enough, Twitter’s vast collection of real-time, unstructured, Big Data had all the answers I was looking for.

Perhaps an earthquake presents  an interesting metaphor for Big Data. Both arrive suddenly, change the landscape dramatically, and leave many finding themselves unprepared. On the flip side, earthquakes take lives, while Big Data has the potential to enrich lives, even save them. Yes, Big Data is here already and many are unprepared, but there is time to act quickly and prepare for the next wave. Will you heed the wake-up call?


Adapt or perish. Big Data Is The Future Of Marketing #bigdata #cloud #social #mobile

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Woken up by an #earthquake in LA just before 3:30am. This was not the wake up call I ordered! Loving all the tweets I’m seeing!

RT @cmnh10: What is your IT #Outsourcing strategy?

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