Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

I hope that you all have a great Turkey Day. We are staying in NC this year for the holiday and are having a challenge to see if we can use bourbon as an ingredient in every dish we make. So far, so good!

Here is today’s menu:

-Butterball Turkey w/ Bourbon & Mustard Glaze

-Mashed Potatoes w/ Bourbon Gravy

-Sweet Potato Casserole w/ Bourbon

-Awesome Sausage, Apple & Cranberry Stuffing w/ Bourbon

-Bourbon Cranberry Relish

-Pumpkin Bourbon Cheesecake

We started the day with a morning run and are enjoying the 65 degree sunny weather, since it was much cooler earlier in the week. It supposed to be back in the mid 70’s early next week. Bring it on!

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