Ok, I know what you are thinking…this can’t be legit. Well, this site actually is legit as verified by several independent sources.

Here is one: Wired Magazine

You need to sign up, complete an offer and then have 3 people do the same, using your referral ID. As long as this prcoess is followed, you will be shipped an iPod Shuffle.

The offers to complete vary, but most involve signing up for something on a trial basis (usually 30 days). As long as you cancel before the trial period ends (and remain signed up for a minimum period – usually 7 days), you don’t get charged anything, or if you do it is only a token amount ($1 for example). I recommend the Buyer’s Advantage. It is $1 for a 30 day trial and you also get a $20 Circuit City gift card. Just rememember to cancel before the 30 days (leave yourself a post-it note). They are counting on people to forget and this is where they make their money!

If anyone would like to help me out, I only need two more referrals (thanks, Rick!)….

You need to sign up through this URL in order for me to get credit:



Update: Thanks to Matt for being my last referral! As soon as I get credit for this, I can request my free iPod Shuffle!

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