Running On The Road – Training & Traveling

This week, I was on the road again for work. While travel is typical (and expected) for my job, some itineraries can make it highly challenging to fit in a run.  How can you be sure to get in a run? Here are 3 key tips:

Pack Your Gear

As simple as it sounds, this is an essential first step. Some runners don’t bother packing their gear, since it can take up significant space (trust me, I know – my shoe size is 12). Not having your gear is too easy of an excuse and counts you out unless you buy new things or are staying at a hotel that offers borrowed gear. Packing is the best way to go, however, since the space it occupies in that bag serves as motivation to get out there and use it! Access to gear is step one.

Use an App

There are so many awesome running apps in the landscape today. Pick your favorite and use it while on the road. Many apps allow you to search for nearby running routes by distance and can also help you connect to friends and training programs for added motivation. Some can even send emergency alerts to friends and family. Being away from home need not remove you from your familiar apps. The bottom line? Don’t overthink. Find something that already works well for you and run with it, in a new venue!

Have Fun!

Yes! Fun! Whether it’s an entirely new location or somewhere you revisit often, enjoy the experience! Running provides a perspective that should be fully appreciated. Enjoy all the people, sights, sounds, and smells that you encounter along the way. Running is unique. Pause to take some quick photos or videos if you run with a capable device. Your experience is only limited to where your feet can take you. Discover the unique angles.

There you have it – 3 quick tips to make the most of your next trip from a running perspective. Don’t let travel derail your progress. View running while traveling as a great opportunity to experience your destination!