Intelligent Tweets – Weeks of 10/14, 10/22, and 10/29

Last week’s top intelligent tweets focused on catching up, yes, I’m consolidating three weeks of posts here due to a hectic month of October! Here we go…

  • Strategies for managers to exploit the value of Big Data throughout an organization
  • Financial aspects of the Radian6 and Buddy Media acquisitions by
  • My own recent customer experience with Starwood Hotels (ultimately corrected)
  • New capabilities of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • The financial impact of bad bosses. It’s time to show them the door!
  • Hurricane Sandy. How Big Data is helping minimize the impact of the storm.


Bosses, Get Better at Big Data #bigdata #cloud

Interesting view on Marketing #Cloud financials Salesforce Filings Show Details of Buddy Media Acquisition  #social

Fail @StarwoodBuzz Elite SPG status, prepaid room given away, had to move to a roach motel. Only offered free breakfast. #UNpreferredguest  Marketing Cloud Gains Next-Gen Social Analytics

RT @BethBanksCohn : How much do bad bosses cost American businesses? $360 billion, apparently:

As Sandy strikes, another big data opportunity emerges  … #bigdata #sandy

Intelligent Tweets – Week of 10/07

Last week’s top intelligent tweets focused on:

  • The ongoing rift between Oracle and Salesforce. Can’t we all just get along? Apparently not.
  • An excellent article from FastCompany on the ‘transformation triangle’ built on business agility, sustained innovation and operational excellence .
  • Salesforce and it’s positioning towards CMO’s, again with an Oracle comparison.
  • Workday’s IPO. This is huge. Workday has tremendous potential and has long been viewed as an acquisition target.

Hopefully not true. A Ford Executive Says Oracle Sent Him A Letter Trashing via @bi_enterprise

@FastCompany   “Agility, innovation, and operational excellence form the transformation triangle”

Why Salesforce is Pivoting to CMOs and how that Plays Against Oracle – Forbes  #cloud #social

Workday Prices IPO At $28 Per Share In $637 Million Deal – Forbes #cloud


Intelligent Tweets – Week of 9/30

Last week’s top intelligent tweets focused on:

  • The leadership position in the Cloud being cemented by Amazon and Salesforce. Why have they been able to move ahead of the pack?
  • The Apple Maps debacle as a great example of Big Data as a strategic asset. Google is loving its position!
  • Marketers continuing find challenges in managing Big Data.
  • Harvard’s coverage of the telent needed to seize the Big Data opportunity.

Why Amazon and Salesforce are pulling away from the cloud pack … #cloud

Google vs. Apple Maps: Big-Data Battle, Cloudy Clash – Forbes  #bigdata #cloud

Marketers Continue To Struggle With Big Data – Forbes  #bigdata #cloud

Excellent article from @HarvardBiz on the skills needed to manage Big Data. Great in-flight read. #bigdata #cloud

Intelligent Tweets – Week of 9/23

Last week’s top intelligent tweets focused on:

  • Post Dreamforce, Forbes provides an excellent look back.
  • The importance of embracing social at all levels within an organization.
  • The recently announced Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Where does it fit?
  • The importance of people in the Big Data movement.
  • Demonstrating near-term value from Big Data investments.
  • Big Data and Cloud, the power couple!

Event Report: Dreamforce X (#DF12) Emerges As The South By Southwest (#SXSW) For The Enterprise – Forbes

RT: @FastCompany  You should tweet! Your CEO should tweet! And you should be doing it at work:  via @fastcolead

Does the Marketing Cloud From  Provide the Silver Bullet for Marketers? – Forbes

Big Data and Cloud: Delivering Value from Day One | Cloudline | … #bigdata #cloud

Big Data Projects Lack Big Budgets via

Good tips! Are You a Social Media Snake Oil Salesman? via

Tap big data to run biz at ‘speed of thought’

People and Big Data: Separately Good, Together Great via

Big Data Projects Lack Big Budgets via

Intelligent Tweets, Dreamforce Edition – Week of 9/16

Last week’s top intelligent tweets focused on:

  • Dreamforce 2012 – 90,000 registrants! Now the largest technology event, Dreamforce exploded onto the blocks surrounding San Francisco’s Moscone Center. There were countless opportunities to listen, engage, and be entertained – including appearances by MC Hammer, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Village People, Colin Powell, and Sir Richard Branson.
  • Going Social with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Bringing together Radian6 and BuddyMedia, the Salesforce Marketing Cloud was announced at Dreamforce and takes its position alongside the Sales and Service Clouds to provide an integrated social listening, analytics, and execution engine.

Kicking off Dreamforce ’12 in SF! In town? Stop by the @Bluewolf booth to learn how we can help you go social! #df12

Lunch on the lawn with live tunes @Dreamforce! Get out there and enjoy! #DF12

The importance of listening cannot be underestimated, it’s your social business intelligence. Well said @ambercadabra #DF12 #social

RT: @jowyang Dreamforce is so large, that the population of SF (816k) has potentially swelled 11% with the 90k registrants on site. #DF12

RT: @salesforce The @dreamforce expo is open! See 350 international cloud computing companies under one roof

Metrics guidance from @DataDivaDalley : good metrics = wiser, great metrics = wiser + richer #social #DF12

RT: @marketingcloud Good catch! enjoy #df12 ! RT @RReadette anyone else catch that @radian6 is now @marketingcloud ? #DF12 Can’t wait for tomorrow!!

Interesting stat from @jowyang : Companies manage an average of 178 social media accounts #social #DF12

San Francisco is the Innovation Capitol of the World. Welcome from @MayorEdLee @Dreamforce #DF12

Wow it’s early for Hammer Time! @MCHammer takes the stage. #DF12

The largest technology conference in the world. @Benioff @Dreamforce #df12

In honor of @Dreamforce 10 @salesforce is donating $10 million to the city of SF. Nice. #df12

$1.3 trillion in value can be unlocked with #social technology (McKinsey) @Benioff #df12

The future will be enabled by connecting machines with people using social. #BigData #DF12

@salesforce touch and @chatter for partner communities announced @Dreamforce @salescloud #DF12

RT: @forcedotcom Blog: Introducing the Salesforce Touch Platform Guide

RT: @salesforce Find out how @salescloud customer @rossignol_1907 makes skiing more fun — online and off piste  #DF12

Nice! @datadotcom: Connect real-time public social data with your business data using Social Key  #df12 #bigdata

Activision shows how to deliver an amazing, integrated customer experience with Service Cloud #DF12

Australia’s Commonwealth Bank highlighted to introduce the @salesforce Marketing Cloud #DF12 Customer first.

Marketing is social. The @salesforce Marketing Cloud enables a fully integrated experience fueled by voice of customer. #bigdata #DF12

RT: @jowyang Big news: Salesforce now offers FB ad buying capabilities in marketing cloud. This is why they bought buddy for $600m+ #df12 Converged Media

Men’s Wearhouse CEO: “You’re gonna like the way @salesforce works. I guarantee it!” #DF12

RT: @ReidCarlberg The @VirginAmerica approach to actual individual customer service will kill other airlines. No more cattle class. #df12

RT: @cspenn #DF12: Watching unbelievable service system by @VirginAmerica. Pulling social profiles, rerouting passengers proactively in SF.

Radian6 + Buddy Media = The @Salesforce Marketing Cloud What’s missing from the equation? Marketing automation! @marketingcloud #DF12

RT: @mkrigsman #DF12 George Hu introduces Salesforce Identity — single sign-on for cloud and mobile apps << this will be even more important in the future

This @marketingcloud session rocks! Using social to gather intelligence behind enemy lines. #DF12 #bigdata

RT: @ellenhuet In the future, GG Bridge will have no toll workers and instead, potentially, a lot of mail. By @realdealneal

Social alone will not give you the answers. Use social as a tool, not THE tool. Great advice from @webby2001 @marketingcloud #DF12

View of the @Dreamforce Social Media Command Center. Impressive, want to pack in my bag to take home! #DF12 #social

RT: @salesforce Get the full breakdown of the @Dreamforce Gala featuring the Red Hot @ChiliPeppers  #df12

RT: @ValaAfshar Without social people, social tech will not make a difference. Collaboration starts with willingness to connect. #DF12 #socbiz

RT: @jowyang Dreamforce is larger than the entire student bodies of Berkeley, Stanford and SFSU combined. (36k,19k, 27k, respectively) #df12

RT: @salesforce The Cornerstone to #GoingSocial: Employee Collaboration  /by @bluewolf

RT: @bobfurniss  “Establish a 2:1 ratio of investment in employee engagement (people) vs. technology.” @ericberridge Keynote #Df12 #custserv @Bluewolf

Gartner–>$600 billion in revenue lost due to bad data. Huge opportunity to leverage social + show ROI @marketingcloud @bqueener #DF12

Psyched for the @marketingcloud keynote @Dreamforce + the chance to win a Ford Fusion! #DF12

RT: @Bluewolf  Stop by our booth today at #DF12 to enter our awesome digital game. Ipads, @Bluewolf swag, and more up for grabs!

Woohoo! Front row seat for @marketingcloud keynote! A few seats still available. View of the stage from here. #df12

RT: @Bluewolf  ‘No one owns the customer, but someone owns the moment.’ – @ericberridge #DF12 #cxp

RT: @Concur  Travel is inherently a mobile activity. We have to reach the traveler on their mobile devices in a trusted environment. #DF12 @Jlwebuser

RT: @marketingcloud  Happening now! Join us for the #marketingcloud keynote in Moscone South or via #df12live  #DF12

Social and @salesforce help connect the dots. @Dreamforce is now the Marketing event of the year. @marketingcloud #DF12

The @marketingcloud provides the world’s only unified marketing suite. Create customers for life. #DF12

A cultural transformation, focused on one company, one social vision enabled @ford to maximize value from the @marketingcloud #DF12

Technology drives value for marketers. @facebook announces strategic PMD for @salesforce @marketingcloud #df12

RT: @salesforce  Just in: @MarketingCloud Integrates with Facebook Custom Audience Targeting  #DF12

Cirque Du Soleil sees 271% increase in sales using @facebook @marketingcloud #DF12

RT: @jowyang  Need data, best practices and insights? See Altimeter’s Social Business reports and download now  #df12

Marketing Cloud Keynote @Dreamforce @lebrun 77% increased engagement enabled by @marketingcloud #DF12

The @salesforce Marketing Cloud is inherently social, to enable rapid transformation of insights to action. @marketingcloud @chatter

Unilever’s @babs26 @salesforce @Dreamforce @marketingcloud keynote: “We are in a position to rewrite Marketing, this is our time.” #DF12

It’s official. @Dreamforce has outgrown Moscone. 10k peeps from keynotes bottlenecked…going nowhere. #df12

RT: @marketingcloud   More big news! Introducing the Salesforce Marketing Cloud iPad App:

RT: @marketingcloud  Congratulations to Any Anderson of Drako Software for winning a brand new Ford Fusion Hybrid from the Marketing Cloud.

Meet the New Boss: Big Data

Village People! #df12 (@ Harlot w/ 11 others) [pic]:

I’m at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) (San Francisco, CA) w/ 175 others

RT: @RyanBalik  Friday at #df12. Top booths I gotta hit @Silverpop @Eloqua @Bluewolf and anything dealing with social #CRM integration

RT: @dandarcy  What an incredible time. That’s a wrap #DF12

RT: @jowyang  I noticed that.2012 dreamforce has more “booth brains” than “booth babes” this year. More line of business. #df12

Customer 360. @Burberry CEO @AngelaAhrendts describes her vision, powered by #cloud #social #mobile and #bigdata  #DF12

Intelligent Tweets – Week of 9/2

Last week’s top intelligent tweets focused on:

  • The prevalence of Big Data, i.e. use cases you might not think about.
  • Big Data creating an integrated, digital nervous system (Forbes).
  • Yours truly blogging for Bluewolf on 5 ways to extract value from Big Data using Radian6.
  • Salesforce once again named the World’s most innovative company (Forbes).
  • Those who should be the most involved in Big Data (marketing, customer service, e-commerce), are often the least involved (Teradata).

Big Data for Education: Data Mining, Data Analytics, and Web Dashboards  via @BrookingsInst #bigdata

Bits: Big Data in the (Heated or Cooled) Air Around You  #bigdata

Big Data is Creating A Digital Nervous System – Forbes  via @sharethis #bigdata

Thanks! RT @bluewolf: Bluewolfer @mjrogan shares 5 ways @radian6 can extract value from Big Data!  #socialmedia #bigdata

Why  Ranks #1 On Forbes Most Innovative List – Forbes  #cloud #social #bigdata

RT: @DnBUS The least involved in discussing #BigData #analytics? CMOs, customer service, ecommerce, & CFOs. @Teradata survey:


Intelligent Tweets – Week of 8/26

Wow, this was certainly a busy week in the twitterverse! There are some great, fresh examples of how Big Data is being leveraged, from the enterprise to MTV to the presidential election. Quite the variety!

Organize for agility and embrace the social enterprise to be successful in leveraging Big Data. #bigdata

The $1.3 Trillion Price Of Not Tweeting At Work  via @FastCompany #social

VMAs: How MTV Will Unleash Big Data To Entertain Us – Forbes  via @sharethis #bigdata

Why big data is big: the digital nervous system … #bigdata

Big Data bites back: How to handle those unwieldy digits  via @regvulture #bigdata

Finding the Right Tool to Unlock the Power of Data – Knowledge@Wharton … #bigdata

Big Data Takes Center Stage In The 2012 Presidential Election – Forbes  via @sharethis #bigdata

Get s̶̶o̶̶c̶̶i̶̶a̶̶l more intelligent, more relevant, more engaged!  #DF12 #GoingSocial @Bluewolf

Intelligent Tweets – Week of 8/19

This week, there’s only one tweet I want to highlight, and it’s a big one. The HBR blog article linked to presents a solid view on how the “creepy factor” impacts Big Data initiatives focused on customer intelligence. It’s a great read, so I won’t spoil it for you.

Customer Intelligence, Privacy, and the “Creepy Factor” – @HarvardBiz … #bigdata #ci

Intelligent Tweets – Week of 8/5

This week’s top intelligent tweets are each focused on change. Some embrace it while others fight it aggressively. The pace of change associated with Big Data, the Cloud, and Social have caught many off guard. So, it’s not surprising these two reactions have been amplified.

While I strongly believe in embracing change given the tangible, near-term benefits, it’s interesting that others still need to be sold on the advantages. Hopefully, seeing so many success stories will help accelerate the pace of adoption for all.


Great advice! Five tips for CIOs moving to the #cloud

CEOs Afraid of Going Social are Doing Shareholders a Massive Disservice « Josh James … via @domotalk #social


Big Data: Good for Business, Useful for You  via @HuffPostTech #smarterplanet #bigdata

Intelligent Tweets – Week of 7/29

Agility, empowerment, and gamification are common themes among this week’s intelligent tweets. These aren’t simply buzzwords – they are ingredients for successful adoption of Big Data.

Big data is permeating many functional areas of organizations looking to seize its power quickly and promote collaboration by sharing relevant, actionable insights in a timely manner.  In order to be ultimately successful with Big Data, however, a solid collaborative foundation must be built, firmly embedded into an entity’s culture.


‘Big Data’ is changing the way we look at problems – … via @newsobserver #bigdata #cloud

RT @Bluewolf: Join @Bunchball and Bluewolf on 8/7 for “Driving Greater Sales Performance through Gamification”  #GoingSocial

See you in SF! Registered for #DF12! Learn what Burberry, GE, and Virgin Group are doing for their #SocialEnterprise.

Overcome, embrace agility! 3 Reasons Your Company Still Hasn’t Moved to the Cloud … via @mashable #cloud


Big Data @ Olympics How a software firm is helping the BBC and PA with Olympic data  #bigdata #London2012

Great story from @SueGoble on the value of building a Social Enterprise and how @Bluewolf did it!


Spot on, demand agility in Marketing! Featured Research: The Rise of the Supermarketer


Salesforce updates  with new tools & Android app, paid version on the way | VentureBeat: … #awesome

Watch @salesforce  in action! With  anyone can be a rock star! #cloud #social

RT @Bluewolf: Register! Driving Greater Sales Performance Through Gamification 8/7  w/ @Bunchball


Check out this awesome webinar on #gamification to drive engagement from @Bluewolf + @Bunchball! #cloud #social

Good title! Businesses ‘Freak Out’ Over Big Data  via @InformationWeek #bigdata


London Olympics Sets Big Data Records [InfoGraphic] …? #bigdata #cloud #social