Dreamforce ’13. That’s a wrap!

Sitting at a Starbucks at Dulles Airport, back on the East Coast, I’m reflecting on an action-packed week in San Francisco at the annual Salesforce.com conference with (as typical) very little sleep.

This year’s mantra was “Welcome to the Internet of Customers” as over 120,000 registrants were greeted by signs at the Moscone Center proclaiming this message.

photo (2)

Here’s the opening keynote, in its entirety (2+ hours).

Indeed, the theme of Dreamforce this year was all about the customer – as organizations from Ford to Unilever to Tesla to CareerBuilder were highlighted in keynotes as customer…insert qualifier here (driven, obsessed, centric, etc.) – Customer Companies. Messaging focused around how social and mobile are redefining the customer experiences.  Of course, this is not news to customer centric professionals. Following are 3 must reads curated from the blogosphere on how Salesforce is positioning itself to address the customer revolution.

Salesforce Blog – Key Strategic Insights:  4 Strategic Lessons from Dreamforce 2013

Focus on the Customer and Internet of Things:  ‘Internet of Customers’ Is Focus of Dreamforce

Overall Wrap Up from the Week/Emerging Topics: Dreamforce Wrap Up 2013 #DF13

More to come this week and next on some key customer-focused sessions I attended. Enjoy!

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