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The ad:tech San Francisco conference wrapped up today. Billed as “the leading digital marketing event for 10,000+ marketing and technology professionals from all over the world,” ad:tech included “Think Tank” sessions focused on the future of digital marketing.

What does that future look like from an ad:tech perspective? While I enjoyed each of today’s speakers, four key takeaways emerged among them. It’s great to see this focus on being customer-obsessed coming out of ad:tech SF.

  1. You are in control of the future.
  2. You participate and constantly redefine your terms of engagement.
  3. Your experiences are dynamic and are always shaped by #1.
  4. Agility will be rewarded, complacency will be punished.

Here are a few of my tweets from today’s session…

  • What kind of future do you want to live in? First, ask yourself what is the history you want to be from? @IntelFuturist #adtechsf
  • The participation age is here to stay. It’s time to adapt. @DainaMiddleton #adtechsf
  • Become a #customerCMO. You must connect with your customers in new ways, engage, service everywhere, use communities. @lazerow #adtechsf
  • Become a #customerCMO. Connected products + apps deliver predictable experiences, drive trust and loyalty. @lazerow #adtechsf

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