Great blog post today from Amanda Nelson at Radian6 regarding the role social media plays on Cyber Monday.

One of Amanda’s closing questions was “Do you think social media impacted Cyber Monday’s sales results?”

My response:

Clearly.  Social is becoming a vital channel in its own right, but the impact social is having across traditional channels should not be underestimated.

On the company side, social is often viewed as a channel to explore and ‘try new things’ in an effort to obtain better customer insights.  Offers are many times developed exclusively for social, whereas multi-channel campaigns can offer added incentives for ‘making the leap’ to social engagement.  As a result, companies are exploring innovative ways to leverage social as part of a holistic marketing strategy.

On the consumer side,  buyers are developing relationships with companies they admire, or simply want to receive special offers from.  There is a growing expectation that exclusive offers will be made available via social channels that are unavailable elsewhere.  Separately, there is a desire to be a thought leader in one’s social circles based on filtering the most relevant deals (many times across non-social channels) and sharing them accordingly.

So, is there an impact?  You bet, and it’s just beginning!

Here’s another link to the full article. Social Media Marketing and Monitoring on Cyber Monday

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