Hands-on sessions always seem to add a different dynamic, and this year was no different at Dreamforce 2011.

This session on Radian6 provided an overview of the many capabilities available in the platform from a social insights perspective and was a follow-up to the ‘Getting Started With Radian6’ hands-on session I also participated in (each of which provided access to a 30-day trial ‘sandbox’ for play).

The focus here was on understanding the ‘who’ and ‘what’ behind social media conversations to better grasp strategic implications and key influences for your company. Several third party providers offer expanded insights – such as demographics, sentiment, Klout, etc. This is indeed powerful. Combining this with another session I attended, ‘How Salesforce.com Listens to the Social Web with Radian6’, you can really see the power of social monitoring technologies.

As Marc Benioff remarked in the opening keynote, we have already witnessed an Arab Spring. Don’t let a ‘Corporate Spring’ fall on your company. Listen. Engage. Analyze. See this excellent post by Joshua Minton for more details on the ‘Corporate Spring‘. Don’t be left behind!

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