Today, I attended the Triangle AMA Facebook Training Camp for Marketers.

Kudos to the event organizers for (yet another) amazing job! There was literally something for everyone, and the full house was completely engaged throughout the day.

Definitely check out the presentations when they are posted on the Triangle AMA Slideshare for complete view of the day’s sessions.

Reflecting on it all from a Customer Intelligence perspective, there are some fundamental takeaways from a cross section of speakers:

  • 750M *active* users are on Facebook, 93% of adults, spending 11 hours a month. That is a huge audience! (Marcus Nelson,
  • Geo- and preference targeting is simply amazing (Marcus Nelson,
  • is an awesome site for social stats to make your biz case (Angela Connor, Capstrat)
  • Be mindful of what will be tracked in the social domain for the long haul –
  • Study demographics in Facebook Insight, and target accordingly, test, and try again (Adam Covati, ArgyleSocial)
  • Measure social media, do it right. Define what ‘working’ means (Adam Covati, ArgyleSocial)

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