Talk about someone who can really gain value from incorporating Customer Intelligence into his operations…yes, good old Santa Claus. How, exactly, you may ask? Well, someone with a customer list the size of good old Saint Nick needs all the help he (and his elves) can get to be as efficient as possible. No one wants to see masses of angry customers on December 25.

While NORAD and Google can help you track Santa, let’s take a look at how Santa is able to track you using the power of North Pole 2.0 Customer Intelligence.

Customer Relationship Management – Santa needs a robust, cloud based CRM solution accessible from anywhere on the planet. So, he selected, now equipped with Chatter and Salesforce Mobile. This provides Santa with not only on-demand access to his complete customer database but also with the ability to follow and respond to any delivery or general customer satisfaction problems as they arise. It doesn’t matter if Santa is at the North Pole or somewhere over Norway, he is never out of touch with the workshop.

Engagement – Speaking of customer satisfaction, how does Santa engage with his followers in the Social sphere? Once his team is alerted of customer satisfaction issues via Twitter for Salesforce, any elf can respond directly to a customer in his or her defined territory. For critical issues a case can be assigned directly to Santa for an immediate response. Leaving the Salesforce CRM environment to engage via Twitter is not required.

Analytics – Santa is always watching. Yes. Whether you know it or not…naughty or nice. Some of us post our wish lists on public sites like Amazon and blogs, while others make comments regarding our interests, needs, and wants to our social connections on Facebook or Twitter. This can either be explicit, “I’m really looking for a Tiffany box under the tree…or else”, implicit, “I like Tiffany’s”…or even based on location awareness “I just checked in at Tiffany’s”. While some of this info is non-public and requires inviting Santa into your social networks, who wouldn’t follow Santa on Twitter or connect with him on Facebook?

As all of us have learned to do more with less in the past few years, Santa has been no exception. Have you seen the cost of elf, sleigh, and workshop insurance lately? By making smart investments in Customer Intelligence, however, Santa has well positioned his North Pole operations to take on the needs of a growing customer base. After all, there will soon be seven billion people on the planet…and there is only one Santa Claus to reach them all.

Merry Christmas from North Pole 2.0 and best wishes for an even more intelligent 2011!

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