Great blog post by Forrester’s Steven Noble highlighting a much more in-depth research report of the same name available from Forrester.

The customer life cycle presents a solid framework for understanding the evolving role of marketing in the buying process vs the more traditional marketing funnel approach. It is based on the concept of a continuous journey based on stages of customer engagement.

An effective customer intelligence strategy is also a key asset in this ‘new world’ of marketing, since understanding the behavior of customer segments helps improve the effectiveness of marketing in each step of their journey in the life cycle. Tools and data are proliferating at a rapid pace to help provide almost anything you want to know about your customers – but how you make sense of it all to develop a cohesive marketing strategy is the true challenge.

One thought to “Forrester: It’s Time to Bury The Marketing Funnel”

  • Ed Gillespie

    Thanks for the link to Steven’s blog–definitely worth the read. This idea of a continuous journey got me thinking about a post written by one of my clients, Donna Prestwood over at Pitney Bowes Business Insight. She referred to this as “customer intimacy” which basically means knowing your customers really well in ways that can help you serve them better. If interested, you can check it out at


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