Customer Intelligence (CI) is one of those terms that seems to mean different things to different people (or in some cases, nothing at all).  It isn’t really complicated, though.  In a nutshell, Customer Intelligence is simply the practice of continuously learning as much as possible about your customers using a variety of sources and putting the resulting knowledge and insights to use from a Marketing as well as an overall strategic perspective.  Seems like a no-brainer, right?

Unfortunately, Customer Intelligence is not always understood or recognized as a priority for many companies.  Some have openly embraced it and are often cited as thought leaders, while others are in the very early stages of understanding its potential.  Destination CRM called out this disparity earlier this year in an article entitled Why Customer Intelligence Is a Bright Idea, which became the impetus for creating  Since CI is my professional passion, I wanted to create a central place to share with developments and best practices with others.

Destination CRM also called out the following in the same article:

According to research by Andreas Weigend, former chief scientist at, more data was generated in 2009 by individuals than in the entire history of humankind.

Wow…that’s a lot of data!  So, what should you do?  Use it, of course!  Use it to better understand your customers and make more informed decisions for your business going forward.  As customers, (B2B or B2C), we all hate being treated by companies ‘generically’ and CI provides the power to make such treatment a thing of the past.  It allows interactions to become much closer to a 1:1 nature.  Sounds good, so how do you get started?  Well, I’ll be sharing examples of steps you can take to move the needle in a positive direction based on what others are doing in the CI industry.  Thanks for checking out IntelligenceGuy and stay tuned!

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