This was the big “wrap-up” weekend before Term 2 final exams!

New material was still presented on Friday and Saturday, but the dominant theme (at least from my perspective) was course completion.

Our team handed in its remaining official assignments (a Decision Models optimization case and a Marketing case focused on market research). We then completed an in-class OPEC cartel exercise in Economics that enabled us to see how cartels operate to collude for the highest overall profits.

On Friday night, we had a per diem night, which meant that everyone was given cash ($30) to eat (and drink) off site! Our team went to Fowler’s where we hung out on the patio with some great food and wine to share the great evening together.

After Fowler’s, we walked across the street to Brightleaf Square where we found a table in front of Satisfaction’s to share a couple of *free* Red Stripes (in exchange for a sing-along with the Red Stripe guy) before heading back to Fuqua for the night.

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