I was already somewhat sleep deprived after a long night of studying for today’s Managerial Economics mid term. Little did I know that my definition of sleep deprived was about to radically change!

The mid term began at 8 AM and was scheduled for the duration of the class (2 hours, 45 minutes). Once that was over, I knew that lunch would be near, allowing me to survive the rest of the day.

After the exam, we learned about additional tools for sensitivity analysis and probability assessments used with Monte Carlo simulation in Decision Models and discussed our Marketing team assignment (New England Soup) and the product concept.

At the end of the day, our team decided to wrap up work on a major Decision Models case. Unfortunately, a very minor bug slipped into the model we had built, and we could not determine the cause under the stress of the situation. I went back to my room knowing our conclusion was wrong and could not sleep.


Fortunately, I decided to look at the model one last time and found the error (a “+” instead of a “-” in one of the formulas)! I immediately called another team member so we could fix the situation and return our conclusions to their original state. I won’t say when I finally got to sleep, but will say that getting through the rest of the day was an amazing accomplishment! This was definitely my toughest 24 hours in the program to date!

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