The day started off with a short Economics quiz on Supply and Demand, followed by a discussion of the American Airlines case in marketing. Our team had quite the crisis related to our AA case submission. We realized around 11 PM (one hour before it had to be submitted online) that our write up needed to be double spaced, not single spaced! With some very quick work, another team member and I were luckily able to revise the document. Friday night, our team met to work on a retirement planning exercise (Monte Carlo Simulation) for Decision Models after a walk around the Washington Duke trail with Holly, Bruce, and Karthik and a late dinner.


I woke up early and enjoyed a quick run around the Washington Duke trail. Our Economics quizzes were returned (I did fine) and we covered a lot of material in preparation for the upcoming mid term. We talked about customer segmentation in Marketing and continued to expand on Monte Carlo Simulation in Decision Models.

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