As I begin this exciting chapter of my life, I intend to blog about my experience and progress in the program.

Today was my first day of school…”school” being the Duke Weekend Executive MBA Class of 2007. I even got my picture taken!

After packing the night before (I brought *WAY* too much stuff, of course), I made the journey from Raleigh to Durham, much like any other day’s commute. Today was different, however, since I was not headed in to the office. Instead, I bypassed my usual route and drove towards Fuqua.

Upon arriving at the Thomas Center (forever after “RDTC”), I stopped in the lobby to check before joining other students for some “Fuqua Blend” (extra strong) coffee. Here, I saw many new faces, along with some that were more familiar. I spoke with several of my new classmates, including Bruce, who ended up being on my team.

Following the welcome reception, I attended an overview session describing the “ins and outs” of the WEMBA program, before heading to lunch. One of the things that struck me the most from the morning session was the concept of the MBA program
as a transformational experience that will force each of us to establish a “new normal” in our lives. I have no doubt this will prove to be the case.

After lunch, I met the faculty for each of the first three courses in the program. I am definitely looking forward to seeing more of our instructors in a classroom setting. I also learned about the Fuqua grading system and honor code. Finally, I learned all about housing policies and procedures, before being cut loose to get a picture taken, receive a book bag and additional course materials, and try out my locker combination. Yes, we have lockers!

After a short break, we all gathered for a reception at the RDTC Clubroom followed by a dinner buffet. At dinner, we finally assembled all of our teammates (Karthik, Chad, Holly, Manish, Bruce, and I) and had our first “bonding” experience. We talked for a couple of hours and shared our backgrounds with other, before heading back to the RDTC for some much deserved shuteye.

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