Well, the Adobe acquisition of Macromedia is now complete.

I must say that I’m a bit concerned, especially after reading the Acquisition FAQ on Adobe’s site. ColdFusion is not mentioned *anywhere* on this page!

Now, I realize that all products certainly aren’t listed (for both companies), and I presume that CF would fall in the domain of the “Enterprise and Developer Solutions Business Unit”, but I would think they would at least mention it on this page (Flex was mentioned).

Is Adobe really as supportive of CF as we have been led to believe (by Macromedia)?

Adobe’s Macromedia Acquisition FAQ

Quoted information from Adobe.com (see above link):

How is the combined company structured?

The company will continue to operate its business in a centralized fashion with its corporate functions (G&A, marketing, etc.) managed out of Adobe’s San Jose, California-based headquarters.

Adobe’s six business units align key products and technologies with core customer segments:

* The Creative Solutions Business Unit will provide solutions for creatives and designers with leading brands such as Adobe® Creative Suite, Macromedia® Studio, Adobe Photoshop®, Adobe InDesign®, Macromedia Dreamweaver®, Macromedia Flash®, Adobe Premiere® Pro, and Adobe After Effects® software.

* The Enterprise and Developer Solutions Business Unit will provide solutions for enterprise developers with products such as Adobe LiveCycle™ and the Macromedia Flex™ product line.

* The Knowledge Worker Solutions Business Unit will provide collaboration and communication solutions with products such as Adobe Acrobat® and Macromedia Breeze® software.

* The Mobile and Device Solutions Business Unit will provide solutions for mobile and wireless device developers such as Macromedia Flash Lite™ and Macromedia FlashCast™ software.

* The Platform Business Unit will focus on advancing Adobe’s PDF and Flash-based technology platforms as standards for creating, managing, and delivering compelling, actionable applications and content to any desktop or device.

* The Print and Classic Publishing Solutions Business Unit will provide print and online publishing solutions and e-learning tools with products such as Adobe PostScript® technology as well as Adobe FrameMaker®, Adobe PageMaker®, Macromedia Contribute™, and Macromedia Captivate™ software.

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