I’e been using CF report builder since it was released. While it certainly is a great (and highly touted) feature of CFMX 7, it has quickly become apparent that work on the app was rushed to completion in order to be able to include it with the 7 release.

I won’t go into the specific bugs I have experienced with CFRB, but suffice to say there have been many (only *some* of which have been addressed by hotfixes, etc.).

I’m not trying to bash Macromedia, either. I just think that more attention needs to be focused on this application.

It surprises me that the documentation is lacking to the degree that it is, and that there are no books specifically available on report builder. This would certainly help, since trial and error has really been the only available method of learning CFRB to date.

Any plans for a book on CFRB out there?

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