Today was my final day in DC. After checking out of the hotel, Stacey and I abandoned our bags, and hit the White Flint Metro.

We debated about going to the Mall to a Smithsonian museum or the music festival they were having, but ultimately decided to go to the National Zoo since we had never been there before.

We got off the Red Line at Woodley Park and had lunch at Chipotle (Mexican). After lunch, we walked a couple blocks up Connecticut Ave to the zoo.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, given the mixed reviews I had heard in the past. Overall, it was pretty decent. I especially liked the Giant pandas *awesome*!

After the zoo, we took the Metro back to Bethesda to get in the car and head to Wegmans in Fairfax of the Beltway/I-66! You know it…Wegmans! This time, we bought a rolling Igloo cooler and stocked it up with Sahlen’s hot dogs, and other assorted Wegmans specialties, of course. This was all after downing a Wegmans sub in the Market Cafe!

After leaving Wegmans, we hauled ass down I-95 (with all the other 4th of July traffic). Despite stopping around Lorton, Fredericksburg, and Ashland due to volume, we made ot from the Beltway to our driveway in exactly 4 hours (not too shabby for 280 miles!)

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