Today started off with a great keynote about the direction of CF from Ben Forta and Tim Buntel, as well as a short overview of each of the presenters’ upcoming sessions.

Following the keynote, I attended the CFML Developer’s Guide to .NET and SQL Server 2005 for CF Developers before lunch. Both of these sessions had a heavy emphasis on the .NET platform and its evolving role as it tries to enhance (replace???) CF.

After lunch, I snuck in a workout and fixed a work problem before heading to part of the CSS Box Mocdel Demystified session. I missed most of the session.

Advanced SQL was next which was very helpful and gave me some good ideas. I ended the day with Advanced Regular Expressions, which will also be very valuable for me.

For dinner, we hopped on the red line to Metro Center and ate at the Capital City Brewing Company.

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